Other branch managers choose us because:

  • Higher compensation
  • Better rates
  • More independance, freedom, and flexibility
  • They are not micro-managed
  • More loan programs
  • Technology that rivals the large corporations
  • Close-knit team atmosphere within the company

If you’re an independent MLO with their own book of business, or an already established branch looking for a place to move its business, then we challenge you to find another opportunity that will allow you to match the earning potential combined with the rates that you will see with American Residential Lending!

Tired of your bank padding your rates so much that you are having a difficult time staying competitive? Tired of banking overlays and banks that don’t want to take even the slightest risk causing you to turn away too much business? Maximize your commission on all loans originated and see raw rates directly from the investors and wholesale lenders. Choose from multiple compensation levels and customize your income and pricing to suit your ability to effectively sell. We even allow you to submit expense reports and pay invoices from rolled over compensation. Please inquire for additional details on compensation, pay structure, pay periods, etc.

We have worked very hard to stay on the cutting edge. Here is a list of several items available to our branches and originators :

Lenders, Options, and Support
We work closely with dozens of lenders to offer every loan product available in the market. This lender list has been systematically structured to enable the most flexibility you could possibly look for as an originator. In addition to this, you will have the best support staff available for loan level questions, Human Resource questions, compliance, or even technology questions. We are here to support our staff and help YOU grow! We have a licensed human resources manager and FULL BENEFITS available to all employees (no employer sharing).

Other information

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